Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Do the math

I've recently had to pay my road tax, or Vehicle Excise Duty, or whatever it's called these days.  Now one of the joys of having a 2 car household and a modicum of numeracy is the opportunity to see how much you are shafted by bogus green taxation.  Car 1 is certified for road tax as producing 142 g of CO2 / km, Car 2 as 284 g / km (I can't afford to buy a newer, more efficient diesel of the same capability by the way).  The road tax for the former is £125 a year, the latter £245.  Both get driven around 4000 miles a year or around 6500 km.  So Car 1 produces 0.9 tonnes of CO2 per annum, Car 2 produces 1.8 tonnes.  As such, even before taking into account the substantial extra petrol tax I will be paying, I am hit with a "carbon tax" of around £135 per tonne of CO2. To put that into perspective, that would be the same as slapping a £350 a year carbon tax on the heating bill of your 3 bed semi.

Which gets me onto a theme that is becoming widely understood and that I hope to propagate further.  It's that greens (eco-facists, watermelons etc) don't want to stop at preserving the environment, they want to impose their lifestyle and political beliefs on you by force.  They themselves can't understand why I drive a car that has more than 3 cylinders so they just do their best to force me to stop, even if the environmental arguement is bogus or weak. If it is cars now, next it will be foreign holidays and flights. I will repeat many times wherever I can until the wider public gets it. It is not about the environment, it is about control.

Although of course they won't need to control themselves, after all if you are in the nomenklatura driving to a foreign holiday will allways remain an option

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