Saturday, 19 February 2011

Rather fishy

A reasonable way in my mind to combat intrusive, patronising, statist interference in our lives is to point out the many times it is laughable, pointless and wrong.  Could keep me busy for a while but I found a decent example while making dinner last night.  Now  I love mackerel, not ashamed to say.  It's tasty for one, and cheap.  But also it is in my humble opinion very good for you.  I've seen enough written about omega-3 fatty acids to come to that conclusion.  I don't intend to give advice on this blog but if I was to, one of the biggies would be "eat oily fish". 

But enough of the culinary discussion, back to the point of this post.  On much packaged food from supermarkets there is the "traffic light" system of labelling, endorsed by the Food Standards Agency and various other statists who can rest safe in the knowledge the serfs have received the benefit of their "advice".  The only use of the traffic lights for me is that if there is a lot of red, whatever is in the packet is likely to taste nice.  Now the FSA issues other advice, some of which I agree with, for example their suggestion to "eat two portions of fish a week, one of which should be oily". And here is the rub.  On my packet of mackerel, it had a red "traffic light" for fat, as under some bureaucratic edict it has sufficient fat content that the public needs to be warned.  No account is made of course for the fact is is actually beneficial fat!  As such consumers are warned to stay away from a product while simultaneously being advised to eat it.  By the same interfering apparatus of the nanny state. 

So as for the whole government apparatus telling me what to take into my body. Thanks but no thanks, please get out of my life.

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