Tuesday, 1 February 2011

First Post

So, first comment on my new blog.  I'm a scientist who is also a libertarian and this blog will cover science and libertarianism (there is a theme here).  I'm also quite angry at the moment which is the current driving force for my writings.  Angry with what I see is the hijacking of science by those with a statist agenda. 

Now lets be clear, science is about knowledge, truth and other wholesome sounding things.  The very idea that we can have communist science, conservative science, or indeed libertarian science is ridiculous.  Science is as close as we can get to the absolute which is why I like it.  But for someone like me who also has a political bent, it becomes clear that how we interpret the results of science, how we apply it's findings to society and how we use it as a basis for human action is shaped by our politics.  And for one reason or another, I reckon the majority of scientists have a leftist statist outlook on the world.  I feel this often leads to science being presented as supporting statism when in fact it is only the interpretation that does, the underlying science does nothing of the sort.  I plan to use this blog to argue from the other side.

I should add an addendum that I have always struggled to put my thoughts into words, I much prefer the world of numbers and diagrams.  As such for me this blog is therapy and practice, as well as an outlet.  I look to improve my writing skills as I go along, please bear with me. Finally I hope this blog will attract some readers and some interest, if only because try typing "libertarian science blog" into google, you don't get much back......


  1. Hi!

    You are off to a good start; hope it goes well.

    Best regards

  2. Many thanks for the encouragement Nigel, it means at lot.